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Hanwha Q-Cells

Q-Peak Duo G5

A new half-cell module series

The Q-Peak Duo G5 series from Hanwha Q-Cells combines a whole range of technological innovation to reach maximum electricity yields and lowest LCOE (levelized cost of electricity), the company says. Monocrystalline half-cut cells with six bus bars, the company´s proprietary Qantum cell technology enable the module to reach power classes of up to 330 watts from 120 half-cells.

In Europe, the Q-Peak Duo G5 series is now on sale in two versions: the Q-Peak Duo G5 series with up to 330 watts and Q-Peak Duo BLK G5, featuring black back sheet and frame, with power classes up to 320 watts. Hanwha Q-Cells gives a 12-year product warranty — complemented by exclusive performance warranties of 98 percent in the first year, a minimum of 93 percent within ten years and still 85 percent after 25 years.


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