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Smart Cable & Simple Sockets

Charging and billing with an integrated metre

photo: Ubitricity

The Berlin-based company Ubitricity wants to improve the charging infrastructure, make charging points cheaper and make it easier to bill for consumption-accurate charging. The idea is similar to that of mobile telecommunications: Users carry their mobile device with them based on a contract with their preferred provider. This makes classic telephone booths unnecessary.

Similarly with Ubitricity: The car user has a Smart Cable including a mobile electricity meter. It is linked to a mobile electricity contract. In this way, all charging processes can be billed precisely and for each vehicle. Charging points are reduced to Simple Sockets. These incur no ongoing costs for communication and billing, which makes charging points economical almost everywhere.

This solution can be purchased directly from the Ubitricity online shop. This is very useful for all those who either need to accurately bill a specific electric car for electricity or who need to closely monitor the consumption of the vehicle. The company has also released another Simple Socket. This charging station is available as a conventional wall box, so that anyone can charge with a standard charging cable without being billed.

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