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Wall box

Retrofitting existing garages

photo: Zapf

In most cases, an electrical retrofit of the garage is possible. It is a prerequisite for lighting and the electric garage door, as well as for smart home applications that not only a garage can be without. The Bayreuth-based company Zapf has developed its own technology that allows the remote control of the garage door, ventilation or lighting via a smartphone app and connects them to other smart devices. The trend towards electric mobility also has an impact on the garage. A charge point increases the value of the property and reduces the users‘ operating costs for fuel and mobility.

Zapf offers a wall box with an output of 3.7 or 11 kW (AC). It can be easily integrated into all common household grids, either single-phase (230 volts, 3.7 kW) or three-phase (400 volts, 11 kW). The plugs are Schuko and with Type 2 compliant.

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