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Wall box Copper

Smart charging and gesture identification

photo: Wallbox

The wall box Copper from the Spanish company Wallbox is an intelligent charging system for electric cars with a compact design including gesture identification. The type 2 system is designed with bluetooth, Wifi and ethernet connectivity that allows to get data on-the-go either real-time or on demand based on your needs. According to the company it ensures the future proof compatibility thanks to ISO 15118 ready hardware.

Features of the wall box Copper include charging activation, charging schedules, energy consumption monitoring, charger and house energy reporting, automatic software updates, etc. On top “myWallbox” is a personal area designed specifically for the customer allowing the control of charging sessions, to configure the charger and gives access to the consumption history and other services such as smart charging.

The charger provides a power of 7.4 kilowatts (1-phase, 230 VAC) or 22 kilowatts (3-phase, 400 VAC).

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