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Valentin Software

Planning tool PV*Sol Premium

Includes electric cars in the design of a PV power plant

photo: Valentin Software

The design software PV*Sol was updated to cope with the challenges of e-mobility. The new version of the PV*Sol premium now makes it possible to take electric cars into consideration when calculating solar generators and self-consumption of the yielded solar energy.

In the new version Valentin Software has also integrated additional, flexible electricity tariff models. The new software enables the calculation of the P90 value as well. The P90 states that there is a 90 percent probability that the simulated average annual energy yield will be exceeded and is a particularly important factor for investors.

In the new version the user can select their electric car from the database. They then enter their daily mileage, and PV*Sol calculates how much PV energy can be used to charge the car. The software also calculates the cost per 100 kilometers, with and without the use of photovoltaics.

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