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Vela Solaris

Simulation tool Polysun 10.0

Integration of e-mobility in the planning features

photo: Vela Solaris

The Polysun release 10.0 from Swiss software maker Vela Solaris enables users to integrate combinations of e-mobility with photovoltaics or co-generation units. It also allows for predictions on the economic viability of such concepts. Ever rising numbers of new electronically powered cars and bikes on the streets have led to increasing discussions about e-mobility in the renewable energy sector, which increasingly factors e-mobility factored into its planning.

The possibility to store excess solar power produced by photovoltaic systems around midday and to use it later on for e-mobility give rise to attractive new possibilities to optimize one’s own consumption of electric power. This also leads to an increased profitability of the entire system. Polysun 10.0 now can simulate these advantages of the integration of e-mobility.

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