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Charging station Pro

Pre-wired and installation ready

photo: Wallbe

Wallbe pro is a charging station for electric cars. It can be used for private and public charging with up to 22 kilowatts. Wall-mounted version or a free-standing column, the prefabricated assembly aids and foundations supplied ensure fast, easy installation. Wallbe Pro is equally suitable for commercial use and for private charging.

The system covers from 3.7 (230 volts, 16 amperes) up to 22 kilowatts (400 volts, 32 amperes). Wallbe Pro is pre-wired and installation ready and includes a Schuko socket or socket type 2.

The system offers a wide range of authorisation possibilities and can be controlled by a keyed switch, on-off switch with RFID technology, or even via smartphone app. This makes Wallbe pro a solution for managing a company fleet, including charging employees’ company cars for private use.

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