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Solar carport park@sol

Modular adoptable for every use

photo: Schletter Group

Weather protection and power supply: The park@sol system is a logical modification of the Schletter FS ground mounting systems. Schletter has a long-term experience in the field of fastening technology. The firm’s carport systems are designed in such a manner that the area of already existing parking spaces is used in the most e­fficient way and as much roof area as possible for solar power generation is created at the same time.

Due to Schletter it can provide a customized solution for almost any carport project. The foundations of the carports are always arranged in such a way that people can easily enter and leave their electric cars. For small carports and carports at remote places, the manufacturing of cast-in-place concrete foundations is usually done by a local construction company. Schletter will provide a complete foundation drawing including the data about the required reinforcements.

Especially with bigger carport plants, micro-foundation is an unrivalled alternative. It saves money and allows the construction of carport plants with almost no groundwork required. Thus, the parking lot can be used almost without restrictions. Apart from that, micro-foundations are a visually attractive foundation system with a high level of structural safety on almost any ground.

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