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Wall box Keba P30 Basic Box

Charging up to nine times faster than using a standard socket

photo: Smatrics

According to the Austrian company Smatrics the wall box Keba P30 basic box can be charged up to nine times faster than using a standard socket. The charging cable is pre-fitted to the station if the user prefers it. In addition, Keba P30 basic box guarantees safe charging without overloading home’s circuit which can happen with normal sockets.

The charging power offers 3.7, 11 and 22 kilowatts. It is available as one-phase (3.7 kilowatts) or three-phase system (11 and 22 kilowatts) for Type 1 and Type 2 connections. Smatrics is also an installation partner for all of Austria. Everything from installation to connection complies with the Austrian standard of ÖNORM 61851.

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