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Phoenix Contact

CCS plus

Charging electric vehicles at 350,000 watts

photo: Phoenix Contact

CCS plus enables very fast charging system for electric vehicles, which in the future will enable charging times of just 3 to 5 minutes for 100 kilometres. The fast charging system is based on the established European and North American CCS charging standard (Combined Charging System). The CCS charging system is already enabling significantly shorter charging times in comparison to conventional AC charging.

However, everyday mobility requires ranges of up to 600 kilometres, with charging times that are well under 30 minutes. In order to achieve this, the CCS charging system has been expanded by an innovative cooling system that is integrated into the charging station. An intelligent controller in the cooling system ensures that cooling is only switched on when it is required.

Thanks to this system, electric vehicles worldwide can be charged safely and extremely quickly with higher charging currents. The addition to the CCS charging system has been made in close collaboration and coordination with the international Automotive Industry and international DC charging station manufacturers. This ensures compatibility with the established CCS charging standard, as well as the guarantee for all valid safety standards. The charging system thereby paves the way for everyday, easy fast charging of electric vehicles.

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