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Wall box Amtron

Charging e-cars at home or at work

photo: Mennekes

supplier of charging systems Mennekes for electric vehicles has expanded its comprehensive range of charging stations with a new generation of wall boxes. Amtron’s functional design integrates a convenient cable holder. The enclosure itself acts as the cable hanger, thereby dispensing with additional hooks, rolls or other fixtures. Both fixed and portable charging cables can be quickly and simply stored in this manner.
The modern and functional design intelligently integrates a practical and convenient means of cable suspension. The operating status of the wall box is displayed via intuitive LED icons. Standby, charging, processing, and error are indicated by four back-lit symbols in the colours blue, green, white, and red. Thus the actual status indication is visible from outside at first glance.

The AC power output of this wall box can be 3.7, 11 or 22 kilowatts, the sockets and cables are of Type 1 or Type 2. The system has three phases and will be delivered with a charging App to control the use.

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