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Solarwatt, BMW Group


Solar electricity for EVs

photo: BMW

For future owners of a BMW i3 or a BMW i8, the SOLARWATT CARPORT SYSTEM provides a solution using innovative glass-glass panels for charging the vehicle’s batteries and supplying the household with solar power. The contact is made through several channels, e.g. BMW customers can purchase SOLARWATT products directly when they buy their vehicles or separately over the Internet.

A solar carport is not only able to recharge the EV in an environmentally friendly way but can also cover much of the electricity consumed by the home.

The Dresden-based company offers a total of 30 years of warranty on their solar system made of glass-glass panels. The wall box allows simply charging on your own parking space, acting as the charging station for your car. At the same time, the customer can also connect the solar system to the domestic grid and supply the household with solar power.

For example, a 36-square-metre carport with two parking bays provides about 4,500 kilowatt hours per year. This corresponds approximately to the demand of a four-person household. If the electricity generated were to be used for the electric vehicle alone, this would be sufficient to drive 32,000 kilometres in a BMW i3. At a lower mileage of 15,000 kilometres, there would be enough left over to provide 20 percent of the household’s demand.

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