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Ingeteam Power Technology


All-in-one electric vehicle charging station

photo: Ingeteam

The INGEREV RAPID 50 multi-standard charging station is compatible with all CHAdeMO, CCS and Mode 3 Type 2 AC electric vehicles currently on the market, making it the ideal on-road charging solution. Depending on the charging standard required, three models are available (Trio, Duo & One). Additionally, the INGEREV RAPID 50 Trio offers the possibility of simultaneous AC and DC charging.

The product range features advanced local and remote communications capabilities through Ethernet, 3G and Wi-Fi to facilitate its integration into all types of remote control centers, payment platforms or charging networks by using different OCPP versions (customised and standard). The 7 inch TFT Color Touch screen improves the user interface and also offers an advertising option.

The equipment has been designed with ease of use and maintenance simplicity in mind. The steel enclosure guarantees perfect resistance against extreme ambient conditions.

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