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Ingeteam Power Technology


Charging power between 4.6 and 22 kW

photo: Ingeteam

This wall-mounted charging box is a practical, simple and functional way to charge the electric vehicle. It is specifically intended for installation on private property, such as private, community or company garages.

Its robust and durable design, with a steel body and aluminium front, means that this charging station can also be installed outdoors. The INGEREV GARAGE Basic has been designed according to the international standard IEC 61851, offering the possibility of charging vehicles in mode 3 of this standard.

The station is equipped with a vehicle connection cable, making the daily charging task cleaner and more convenient, as users don’t have to bother about getting out their vehicle power cord and storing it after use. The INGEREV GARAGE Basic is available in either a single or three phase version, with power outputs ranging from 3.7 to 22 kW.

It is available in two different models, based on the socket required to recharge the vehicle. One is equipped with a Type 1 socket, whilst the other has a Type 2 socket, according to the definition of standard IEC 62196-2.

Users are offered the possibility of charging either at the rated power or at a limited power output so that more power is then available for the rest of the installation. The rated power and limited power options are both user-configurable, within the permissible technical limits.

The station’s USB connection can be used to change the parameter settings, access the charging logs, and update firmware, with the possibility of adding upgrades and updates throughout the service life of the charging station.

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