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Wall charger WDC22

Small charging gear with maximum versatility

photo: Designwerk

The WDC22 from the Swiss company Designwerk is compatible with all popular electric cars with a Chademo or CCS Combo DC connector. With its compact size and light weight design, the WDC22 can be installed and retrofitted in most locations easily and quickly.

A 32 amperes mains connection is required for maximum power – the WDC22 can also utilize other currents, such as 16 amperes. The WDC22 with the weight of 27 kilograms is due to the firm one of the world’s smallest DC wall charger.

Examples of charge times for electric cars:
BMW i3: 45 minutes
VW e-up!: 40 minutes
VW eGolf: 50 minutes
Nissan Leaf, e-NV200, Evalia: 50 minutes
iMiEV/C-Zero/ION: 35 minutes
KIA Soul EV: 65 minutes
Peugeot Partner Electric: 50 min

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