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Almaden Europe

Solar Carport Charge Mobil

Charging station under a solar roof for self-assembly

photo: Almaden Europe

Almaden, headquartered in Munich, Germany, offers a wide range of solar carports. All components can now be shipped via normal delivery channels, as the longest component is only slightly over three meters in length. The carport is suitable for self-assembly and consists of 3 millimetres aluminium profiles. The frame is powder coated and has a lifetime of 30 years. According to the manufacturer, the solar panels and other parts are just as durable.

The shelter is supplied as standard with an inverter optimised for outdoor use. Micro-inverters are also available as an option. A charging box can also be fitted to the columns of the carport. Two types of panels are available: Firstly, transparent M40 panels with an output of 170 watts and a transparency of 40 percent. The output of a system with nine panels will then be 1,530 watts. Alternatively, there are slightly transparent P60 panels with a transparency of around ten percent and a system output for nine panels of 2,250 watts. The panels are fitted with weatherproof rubber seals on either side.

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