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Delta Energy Systems

Ultra Fast Charger

Rapid charger for four vehicles

photo: Delta

Delta Electronics has launched a high-performance charging station for electric vehicles. The system can charge up to four vehicles simultaneously. It is compatible with CCS (200 ampere), Chademo (125 amps) as well as Type 2 (63 amps) and Type 2 (32 amps). This makes it suitable for practically all electric vehicles.

The charging station delivers a power output of up to 150 kilowatts DC and up to 65 kW AC and significantly reduces the charging time. To optimise the cost of the infrastructure required to charge all future electric vehicles with larger batteries and a higher charging capacity of up to 150 kW DC, the ultra-fast charger is equipped with a dynamic power sharing function to avoid over-investments in infrastructure.

Prototyping and industrial production of the ultra-fast charger was successfully completed. The first charging stations have already been installed in Norway and other European countries.

Delta Electronics also offers its own wall-mounted boxes, for example the Quick EV Charger with 25 kW DC charging capacity.

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