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Almaden Europe

Charge mobil

PV car trailer can be folded up

photo: Almaden Europe

The charge mobile of the Munich-based Almaden Europe heralds a new age of mobility. A car trailer is equipped with three premium glass-glass modules with approximately one kilowatt efficiency.

They can be folded up and geared towards the sun. The generated power is fed into four high-capacity batteries with 10.4 kilowatt-hours capacity.

Due to the corresponding inverter there is a powerful off-grid solar energy source available with numerous applications. Four secured plug sockets can be used as e-bike und e-car charging stations, mobile power for camping sites, emergency supply or site’s power. The trailer has 100 kilometres per hour official approval and homologation for road service and can be moved to different required positions by nearly every vehicle. A “perpetual motion machine” of solar energy.

Through the power source manager and the battery management, the batteries can be reloaded with any source on less sunny days. It attended a test run of nearly 4,000 kilometres through nine European countries.

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