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Valentin Software

PV Sol 2021

Heat planning and flexible consumers integrated

photo: Valentin Solftware

Valentin Software, the developer of planning software for building technology with photovoltaics, has released the latest version of its PV Sol. In addition to the existing options, the planner can now also simulate the complete hot water system. For this purpose, the thermal building model of the sister programme T Sol can be integrated. This means that the share of energy consumption of an electric heat pump or an electric heat rod to cover the thermal energy consumption in the building can also be calculated. This includes both the heating and the hot water demand. This also allows the planner to calculate how much of the electricity share for the heat pump or the heat rod comes from the solar array.

Latest weather data added

In addition, the latest data records of the German Weather Service (DWD) are available in order to be able to calculate the yield forecast of the solar system more precisely. This, in turn, is crucial for planning the self-consumption share of the heat pump. The new data sets were generated in 2017 as part of a research project. The worldwide climate data from Meteonorm 7.3 were also included here. This means that the programme contains the most up-to-date climate data sets currently available.

Planning flexible consumers

With the latest version, the planner can not only simulate the heat energy demand, but also the photovoltaic surplus. In this way, flexible consumers can be better planned that are only operated with the surplus from the solar array. These surplus consumers can have a dynamic or fixed power consumption.

Using daily load profiles

The planner can import short-term profiles over a freely adjustable period of measured load profiles. This is an advantage, especially for the design of the solar system. Until now, the shortest period that the planner could specify was a whole year. Now he can also use the daily load profiles in different seasons for planning.

Interface to other programmes created

As further innovations, PV Sol 2021 now also offers a clear representation of the wiring of the individual modules and strings up to the inverter and the feed-in point. Safety devices can now also be managed in templates. In addition, circuit symbols can be added in groups and thus reused. At the end of the process as a whole, PV Sol outputs a project report. In version 2021, the templates provided for this purpose are freely configurable. The configurations can also be imported and exported for other applications. This means that the integration of the project report from PV Sol can also be used for other applications.

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