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Lumina Series

Semi-transparent modules with different designs

photo: Bisol

The Slovenian module manufacturer Bisol specializes, among other things, in the production of modules for building integration. The Lumina series offers architects and builders the possibility to activate the building envelope with semitransparent modules. The special feature: Customers can choose from a variety of different transparencies. These are determined by the number of solar cells that are wired in the module.

Since a higher transparency is determined by larger distances between the cells and thus there are fewer cells in the panel, the module’s performance does drop as the transparency increases. However, it allows the architect and builder to more precisely regulate the necessary light input into a space behind the modules. At the same time, the various module designs can also be used to vary the aesthetic appearance of the building envelope.

Nine variations possible with two different technologies

The laminates with transparent backside are available in nine different variants with two various technologies.Basically, the customer can choose between modules with polycrystalline or monocrystalline solar cells. For each of these technologies, transparency ranges from 4.6 percent with 60 solar cells to 52.2 percent when only 28 cells are wired in the module. The power spectrum here ranges from 280 watts for modules with a transparency of 4.6 percent and 60 cells to 130 watts when the transparency is more than 50 percent.

Frames depending on the intended installation situation

They are also available in different technical versions – depending on the intended installation situation. Bisol can supply the modules with a standard frame in various colours. On request, the manufacturer can also equip the modules with a special frame for roof integration with the Solrif system from Ernst Schweizer. The modules are also available without a frame. The size is in the range of the standard module and differs only with regard to the frame used.

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