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Spectrum Series

Colored modules for aesthetic solar roofs

photo: Bisol

The Slovenian manufacturer Bisol has developed its Spectrum module series primarily for roof systems with high aesthetic demands. This is because the modules are color-matched to common tile roofing. This is because the panels are equipped in the version with monocrystalline solar cells with coloured glass. The polycrystalline panels come to customers with coloured solar cells and transparent module glass. The module frames are also coated to match the color of the cells or the toned module glass, so that the panels fit well into the roof environment. On request, Bisol also supplies the modules with customized frame colors. The modules are also available without frames or with a special frame for roof integration with the Solrif system from Ernst Schweizer AG.

Each of the monocrystalline modules has 60 solar cells and, despite the toned glass, it achieves an power output of 270 watts. The polycrystalline modules have a power output of 225 watts, which is also an impressive capacity in view of the toned cells. The panels come to the customer in the standard version with black or white back sheet, as desired. If the customer wants a semi-transparent module, Bisol can also use transparent back sheets. Then the sunlight passes through the gaps between the solar cells into the space behind the modules.

Bisol gives a linear performance guarantee on each module for 25 years, whereby the module will still achieve at least 85 percent of its nominal power at the end of the guarantee. This is five percent more than the 80 percent that is usually guaranteed in the photovoltaic industry for glass-foil modules as power after 25 years. In addition, there is also a product guarantee of 15 years.

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