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Vela Solaris

Polysun 12 with BIM Add-On

Increased planning quality by digitization

photo: Vela Solaris

Vela Solaris has expanded its planning software for photovoltaic and building energy systems Polysun with a view to using simulations in digital planning. This is because in the newly released version 12 with Polysun BIM Add-On, which will be available in 2020, relevant information on the current planning status is available with the push on a button. As a result, the software and the BIM system can immediately see whether the requirements placed on the energy system are being met. In addition, the simulation results can be generated and evaluated even faster. The BIM version has an automated export and import of data including meteorological data and heating load. These are checked for quality during import. The software recognizes implausible and incomplete data and eliminates them.

Since the simulation results are available at any time and at any desired point, interdisciplinary teamwork is simplified. In addition, the planner in Polysun can define project-specific targets from the construction project, such as the efficiency (COP) and annual performance factor of heat pumps, the degree of self-sufficiency of the building, the solar coverage ratio, the proportion of fossil fuels or the maximum energy deficit. At the touch of a button, the user can see in the simulation whether he or she is achieving the specified targets or deviating from them. In addition, the planning data is available in reproducible form as a digital twin and thus generates added value right up to the operating phase of the building. This not only simplifies planning, but also quality insurance.

Polysun 12 with BIM Add-On is available for the following operating systems: Windows 7/8/10, MAC OS X 10.11.3 or higher (the software should also run on older versions, but this is not officially supported) and Linux (tested with the distribution Ubuntu 18.04, but it should work with all 64-bit distributions).

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