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System bundles with heat pumps

Networked system solution from Austria

photo: M-TEC

The Austrian manufacturer M-Tec has bundled system packages with its heat pumps for sector coupling in buildings. The packages are pre-configured and contain either air or geothermal heat pumps – depending on customer requirements. In addition, homeowners can also integrate battery storage systems, charging stations for electric cars or adjustable electric heating rods into their package – depending on their wishes and needs.

With these packages, M-Tec aims to accelerate and significantly simplify the ordering, design and installation of complex energy solutions. Because all components can be easily and comfortably called up, configured and ordered in the online store. The planner receives ready-made order lists based on various hydraulic schemes. Because everything is pre-installed in the basic configuration, the modular system can be easily extended with additional components at any time.

M-Tec heat pumps always come to the customer with an intelligent energy management system called E-Smart. This makes it possible to easily network the devices and integrate them into the energy supply of the building. As a central interface, E- Smart controls the individual components and maximizes the self consumption of an existing photovoltaic system.

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