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My PV Live

Cloud for heating and hot water

photo: My PV

By launching My PV Live, the provider of electric heating rods and intelligent heating control systems has developed a cloud solution for monitoring building heating. This enables building societies and landlords to keep an eye on the current operating parameters of the Elwa water heaters and the AC Thor power controller at all times and everywhere. An additional Cloud-Connect-Unit merges the single Elwa devices and power controllers in apartment buildings and connects them to the cloud. Use of the cloud is free for the first two months.

Keeping an eye on energy consumption

In this way, the entire energy consumption of an apartment building can be monitored and controlled. With the Cloud-Connect-Unit, there is also no longer a limit to the number of devices that can be connected. This is because it can be adapted to the specific conditions on site. In the cloud, energy consumption is displayed as a daily, monthly or annual value. It distinguishes between self-generated photovoltaic power and purchased grid power. If appropriate measuring devices are installed, the customer can also have the power consumption for the heat pump or the electric car displayed.

Remote control possible

The individual heating elements and power controllers can also be controlled via the cloud. This means that no technician has to drive to the building and set the individual parameters such as minimum temperatures or different times by hand. Cloud integration is also possible for single-family homes with a grid-connected photovoltaic system. Because all devices of the AC Elwa-Es series of the latest generation as well as all AC Thor power controllers are cloud-enabled after a firmware update.

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