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alpha innotec

Alira LWAV+

Quiet heat pump for urban areas

photo: Alpha Innotec

Alpha Innotec has consistently paid attention to the noise level when developing the Alira LWAV+. The result is a powerful air-to-water heat pump that can hardly be heard. It is therefore well suited for buildings in a densely populated neighborhood. Even at a distance of three meters, it is no louder than a whisper and, at 35 decibels (A), easily meets the standard of the Technical Instructions on Noise Protection. At a distance of six meters, the noise level is only 29 decibels (A) and is therefore not much louder than the ticking of a watch. During the night, it is even possible to switch to a silent mode. The heat power of the heat pump is reduced to 70 percent, which is more than sufficient for the nightly heat supply.

Power adapts automatically

Apart from this advantage the houseowner can use the high power of the heat pump. This aligns itself thanks to an intelligent inverter technology automatically and steplessly at the respective need in the building. That gives the planner and architect the security that always sufficient warmth is available and makes the heat pump particularly energy-efficient.

This is also because the Alira LWAV+ heats in one system and at the same time heats sanitary hot water. Simultaneously, the device is able to cool the rooms in summer. Since the monoblock heat pump is installed outside, the space required inside the building is small.

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