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60M construct

Standard module as building product

photo: Stadtwerke Wolfenb├╝ttel

The Dresden-based module manufacturer Solarwatt has developed a new panel and received a general building authority approval (abZ) for it. With the 60M Construct the company now has a module in standard size in its portfolio, which architects and planners can use alone as a regulated building product without restriction in the private and public sector. This eliminates the costly and time-consuming process of obtaining a separate building permit for a specific project or using additional safety measures such as steel nets.

Transparency of 10 percent

If necessary, the new glass-glass module can completely replace the roof cladding. This saves both material and costs during installation. In addition, the modules create exciting light-shadow effects due to their light transparency of ten percent without completely darkening the space under the solar roof. The Dresden-based company achieves this with a transparent encapsulation of the solar cells, which are laminated between the two module glasses at a standard distance from each other. In this way, part of the sunlight can pass through the module into the space behind it.

Roofing and facade integration at a glance

The module is 1.680 millimeters long and 990 millimeters wide. With a weight of 22.8 kilograms, it is still easy to handle. It is certified for a mechanical pull load of 2,400 Pascal. It can withstand up to 5,400 pascal superimposed load. Solarwatt has both overhead glazing and facade integration in mind as possible applications. The spectrum ranges from carports to large-area parking lot roofs, terrace roofs, roofs of industrial halls to veranda and sports facility roofs.

Black frame for aesthetic demands

To meet the aesthetic requirements, Solarwatt supplies the module with a black anodized frame, which harmonizes well with the likewise black monocrystalline solar cells. The side-set junction box ensures that the cabling can easily disappear into the cladding. In this way, Solarwatt has developed a building product that generates additional electricity. The module power is between 300 and 315 watts, depending on the cell sorting. Under good conditions, this makes it possible to generate around 950 kilowatt hours of clean solar power per kilowatt of installed module capacity per year.

Comprehensive insurance

Solarwatt gives a 30-year product guarantee on the module. In addition, a complete protection insurance is included for five years. This gives the owner the security of knowing that if a module should ever be damaged and not produce any electricity or deliver lower yields than expected, the owner is protected.

Further information can be found on the Solarwatt website.

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