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CS Wismar, Sonnenstromfabrik

Excellent series double glass

Suitable for roof integration

photo: CS Wismar

The module manufacturer CS Wismar has developed the Excellent series, a panel that is also suitable for roof integration. The module is particularly robust and durable. This is because the solar cells are laminated between two module glasses, each two millimetres thick. As a result, the module does not bend as much as glass-foil lamionates at higher snow loads. The modules have thus achieved a maximum test load of 8,100 Pascal. In addition, the cells are better protected against breakage should the module bend under a high snow load.

The Sonnenstromfabrik in Wismar has the Excellent modules in its portfolio as polycrystalline and monocrystalline versions. With 60 polycrystalline cells, the modules achieve between 270 and 285 watts of power. The monocrystalline version with 60 cells has an power of between 320 and 330 watts. If 72 cells are fitted in the module, the power increases to values between 365 and 375 watts.

While the polycrystalline cells are always laminated between the module glasses in front of a white film, the monocrystalline modules are also available with a black or transparent backing. For the monocrystalline modules with 72 cells, the customer can choose between a white and a transparent backing. Especially the completely black module is suitable for roof integration to realize aesthetically perfect roof coverings. The Excellent module is also available in a bifacial version, but this is primarily intended for installation on flat roofs.

The modules come to the customer either with a black anodized aluminum frame or without any frame at all. CS Wismar gives a 30-year linear performance guarantee. This means that CS Wismar guarantees that the modules will still achieve 87 percent of their original nominal power at the age of 30. In addition, there is a 20-year product guarantee, which can be extended to 30 years as an option.

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