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Creaton In-roof System

Prefabricated and flexible in-roof system

photo: Creaton

The combination of the attractive appearance of an in-roof system and the flexibility of a rooftop system was important to Creaton and Renusol in the development of its first roof-integrated photovoltaic system. The new mounting system of the manufacturer of pitched roof solutions made of clay and concrete and the Cologne-based mounting system manufacturer consists of a special rail system. This can be set up as flexibly as a normal roof system that is integrated into the roof.
The craftsman inserts in-roof solar modules in elegant black into Creaton’s mounting system, which are supplied by Wismar-based Sonnenstromfabrik. Each of these modules is equipped with a micro-inverter from Enphase Energy. As this keeps the system on low voltage, no additional wiring and connection of an inverter is necessary. In this way, even roofers can easily integrate the system into the roof cladding in new buildings or as part of a roof renovation project.
Creaton delivers the system completely pre-assembled including modules and roof connections to the construction site. This minimizes the planning effort, facilitates the design and increases safety. Roof craftsmen receive all parts necessary for installation in one package. Even the cable connections are pre-assembled and only need to be plugged together at the roof. A complete energy management system in the form of a web portal and apps for the system operator is also available. The system is also supplied with detailed structural analysis.

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