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Modular in-roof system

photo: Braas

Braas has developed the Indax for the integration of crystalline solar modules in pitched roofs. It is suitable for roof pitches between 16 and 65 degrees. The system not only protects the roof and provides a good appearance, but also produces solar power. The Indax meets all relevant requirements for use as an in-roof system with photovoltaic modules with regard to fire protection, rain protection and rear ventilation. It has a general test certificate issued by the building authorities and, according to the manufacturer, is a hard roof in the sense of the German regional building regulations.

It is designed for ventilated roof constructions. A counter batten on the normal roof batten can serve as the ventilation level. The system consists of individual modules about one metre wide and 1.7 metres high as well as a roofing frame. The modular design not only enables the module power output to be adjusted to the power consumption in the building, but also a good combination with all common roof tiles. The 60 monocrystalline cells used in the modules generate 280 watts. Together with the black anodised frames, they form a homogeneous roof covering.

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