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Luxor Solar GmbH

Secure Line

Module with different options

photo: Luxor Solar

With the Secure Line, the Stuttgart module manufacturer Luxor also focuses on the fa├žade. The modules are available in various designs. With a monocrystalline, completely black module, Luxor focuses on elegant aesthetics. The 60 black cells provide between 300 and 320 watts in front of a black foil. A black frame completes the aesthetic appearance.

Luxor can also laminate the monocrystalline cells between two transparent foils. Then the power drops to 280 to 300 watts. But it is better suited for applications where a certain light transmission is important. This module is also available with thicker front and rear glass as a frameless version.

All modules of the Secure Line are also available with an integrated performance optimizer from Solar Edge or Tigo. Luxor can also adapt the modules to the requirements of its customers. Then the Stuttgart-based manufacturer produces the panels in the shapes and sizes specified by the architect.

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