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Semi-transparent module

Keeping the perspective

photo: Velka Botička

The module manufacturer Solarnova has developed a semitransparent, crystalline module. Solarnova laminates thin strips of crystalline silicon between two glass elements. This gives the module a lamellar look, making solar technology largely invisible. With this solution, Solarnova achieves a transparency of 50 percent, which indeed led to a lower output. However, the module not only provides a view of the outside world, but also shades rooms. This reduces the energy required to cool the building on hot summer days.

Solarnova initially presented a module with a width of one meter and a height of three meters. But it can also be even bigger. The company can manufacture modules in Wedel up to a width of 2.50 metres and a height of 3.70 metres. In the future, higher or lower transparencies will also be possible by varying the distances between the slim semiconductor strips. The module can also be further processed, for example to produce solar-active insulating glass, which is primarily integrated into mullion-transom façades.

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