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Sunovation Produktion GmbH

eForm BIPV Modules

Award-winning custom-made panels

photo: Sunovation

The module manufacturer Sunovation from Elsenfeld in Lower Franconia has specialized in the production of modules for building integration. As part of the eForm series, the company manufactures its panels exactly to the customer’s specifications – usually architects and fa├žade planners.

Thus the eForm Clear is a semitransparent module. The customer has the choice of how high the degree of transparency should be and in which design the individual crystalline solar cells should be arranged. The eForm Color additionally offers coloured module glasses that allow the actual solar technology to discreetly take a back seat. It becomes completely invisible with the eForm Unicrome modules, which come to the customer with homogeneous monochrome module glasses. In both cases, the customer has a free choice of colour. However, the customer can also have the module glasses printed with a design specified by him. The customer then has full design freedom with regard to the external appearance and solar technology disappears completely behind the print.

Winner of the Iconic Award

Sunovation received the Iconic Award of the German Design Council for this series of modules in 2019. The jury honoured the development of power-generating architectural glass with opaque and thus invisible photovoltaic technology. „The modules are configured exclusively on a project-specific basis. They are available in all imaginable colours, sizes, glass structures and in every geometry, allowing them to be perfectly adapted to the respective architectural requirements“, the jury explained its decision. „A highly interesting material with a high-quality appearance that offers architects and planners completely new possibilities for the integration of photovoltaics“.

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