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Dachziegelwerke Nelskamp

Planum PV

Powerful roof tile for aesthetic integration

photo: Dachziegelwerke Nelskamp

The Planum PV is a solar roof tile with high power output. It is installed like a normal roof tile. It is simply hung into the battens and fastened with three screws. Additional work compared to a conventional roof tile is only necessary due to the additional wiring of the individual elements.

This is exactly where the innovation of the Nelskamp roof tile factory comes in. They have combined the individual solar tiles to form a module with a cover width of 1.5 metres. The deck length is between 325 and 340 millimetres. It thus replaces five conventional roof tiles. This makes life easier for the installers, because the effort required for wiring the individual modules is less than for an element as large as a single roof tile. In addition, the 8.5 kilogram element is easy to handle on the roof.

The Planum PV is slightly smaller than the G10 PV, which has a deck width of almost two meters. This enables better use to be made of the roof area, especially with hipped and tent roofs. In addition, the new tile has a higher power output per square metre. After all, each module has an power output of 88 watts. In addition, it blends aesthetically into the entire roof covering. It is suitable for roofs with an inclination of 20 to 25 degrees with a waterproof sub-roof. For roofs with an inclination of more than 25 degrees, additional measures are necessary.

Dachziegelwerke Nelskamp gives a ten-year guarantee on the Planum PV. In addition, the manufacturer guarantees that the product will still provide at least 90 percent of the original power after ten years and at least 80 percent after 25 years.

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