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Alfen BV

Eve Double PG-line DE

Legal conformity for use in public areas

photo: Alfen

The Alfen Eve Double PG-line DE meets the latest Eichrecht conformity norms, to offer a safe and secure charging experience. The charger is specifically designed for public locations with a robust housing and a high-quality finish for every application.

The Alfen Eve Double PG-line DE has been specially designed for applications in public areas. The housing of the charging station has been made completely out of metal and blends in to the streetscape thanks to its neutral design. The Alfen Eve Double PG-line DE has no protruding parts and has a sloped top so no objects can be put ontop of the station.

The Eve Double PG-line DE is standard equipped with a large LCD display. The display shows how much electricity has been charged but can also be personalized with your own logo. For companies, this is a great opportunity to add a personal touch to the charging station.

The system is equipped with smart electronics which enables the charging station to adjust the charging capacity based on the capacity of the installation. This means that the Eve Double PG-line DE can be installed on a cost efficient connection and the charging station automatically protects the installation. This way, powerful electric vehicles can charge on a cost efficient connection without overloading.

  • complies with all relevant regulations and standards including IEC 61851:2017 – CEI 61851: 2017 and is equipped with a built-in safety system,
  • compatible with Cohere Maxem energy manager,
  • DC detection,
  • built with components of European A-quality only: a solid and high quality product,
  • easy and intuitive to configure.
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