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StoraXe PowerBooster

High-performance charging station for EVs

photo: ADS Tec

Two variants of the StoraXe battery system PowerBooster were designed as an outdoor solution mainly for the charging infrastructure of electromobility. In many instances, the power capacities for fast-charging stations are insufficient. The PowerBooster compact outdoor battery system from Ads-Tec as power amplifier in the distribution network offers one solution. With its extremely compact design, this system delivers high power capacities to the connected super chargers while energy is recharged at the available network connection point at low power. This not only saves valuable time, but also eliminates the need for elaborate medium-voltage systems, building cost subsidies or expensive network expansion.

At the same time, the intelligent system can be used for power grid purposes as a grid service station and can be directly connected to the 400 volts distribution network almost anywhere. Additional functions such as voltage stability, delay for optimum bandwidth utilisation of the network, frequency regulation, reactive power supply or peak capping are possible. It is for exactly these distribution networks, which get temporarily overloaded, these solutions are highly in demand in order to better utilise existing networks. As a complete solution, inverter, temperature control, control electronics, and safety and energy management are integrated. The PowerBooster is available in different form factors and output capacities. The base model is offered in two output capacities, 120 or 240 kWh, and is optimised for direct connection to fast-charging stations as well as for network purposes on limited distribution networks.

The StoraXe product portfolio starts with 6 or 9 kWh for home use, is extended to 19, 28 and 47 kWh for larger, private units or commercial use and can reach the multi-megawatt range for industrial and infrastructure use.

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