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Mounting Systems


Elegant mounting system for solar roofs

photo: Mounting Systems

The Infix from Mounting Systems is a so-called semi-integrated in-roof mounting system. The actual roof covering are not the modules, but an additional metal sheet on which the modules are installed next to conventional roof tiles. The metal sheet lies below the level of the roof tiles, so that the modules and the tiles constitute one level. In this way, all framed modules can be integrated horizontally into the roof. The planner integrates unframed modules vertically into the roof. The advantage of this system is that the roof skin is reliably sealed by the actual sheet metal covering and the loads of the system can be better directed into the roof construction. Special adapters guarantee optimum rear ventilation of the modules, which is always a problem, especially with in-roof systems.

Thanks to the proven Clickstone technology, which Mounting Systems also uses for its other substructures, the mounting system is easy to install and variable in design. With the Infix system, installations in snowy regions can also be realized using multiple adapter connections. Since Infix is designed for roof pitches between ten and 45 degrees.

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