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Kioto Solar

Inroof System

Solar square becomes part of the house

photo: Kioto Solar

The in-roof system of the Austrian manufacturer Kioto Solar from St. Veit an der Glaan consists of almost square modules with an area of about one square meter, which are installed with only two components on the roof battens. Due to the handy format and the comparatively low weight of only 19 kilograms for frameless double glass modules, the laminates can be easily installed. In addition, the roof area can be used more optimally than with larger modules.

The 36 monocrystalline cells not only provide an aesthetic black colour, but also an power output of 170 watts. Extrapolated to a standard module with 60 cells, this would be an power output of 283 watts. The module has outside dimensions of 1,050 x 986 millimetres. Kyoto Solar also offers a frameless double glass module with twelve cells for roof integration in order to make even better use of the space on the roof. This laminate has outside dimensions of 1,050 x 486 millimetres and a power output of 50 watts. Kyoto Solar thus achieves a whopping 300 watts on the surface of a standard module. The weight of only nine kilograms is particularly convenient for the installer, who does not have to struggle with heavy double glass modules in standard size on the roof.

For mounting, the installer attaches a metal rail to the battens of the roof substructure. This has an EPDM lip so that the roof is also securely sealed. On this rail the installer mounts retaining brackets with which the modules themselves are fixed. The modules are laid overlapping like roof shingles so that the entire module surface forms the water-bearing layer.

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