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Inroof system as roof covering

photo: Schweizer Solarpreis 2018

The Megaslate in-roof system was developed to partially or completely cover roofs with solar modules. It consists of the modules themselves, which are available in four different sizes and power outputs. The module with 40 cells has a height of 1.3 meters and a width of 87.5 centimeters. At 190 watts, it is the most powerful of the 3S Solar modules. The next smaller module measures 130 x 72 centimetres and has an power output of 150 watts. With an power output of 140 watts, the module measures 98.5 x 72 centimetres and is delivered to the customer. The smallest module, measuring 98.5 x 87.5 centimeters, is almost square and has an output of 110 watts. 3S Solar Plus also manufactures special module sizes according to customer requirements so that the entire roof surface can be optimally used.

All modules have black monocrystalline high-performance cells. Since they have no frame, nothing interferes with the self-cleaning effect. Additional cleaning is therefore not necessary.

The modules are designed for high loads. They can withstand a compressive load of 5.400 Newtons per square meter. In the version for alpine regions, they are even designed for 8,000 Newtons per square meter. The maximum suction load that can be applied to the modules is 2,400 Newtons per square meter, which is sufficient.

This is because the modules are fully integrated into the roof. They are attached directly to the roof lathing with just two hooks. To ensure that the roof is watertight, they are mounted overlapping like shingles so that the water can drain off. The connections to the roof edge and the ridge are made with aluminium roof panels. The roof tiles are also used in areas that are not covered with modules.
The system is also available with solar thermal collectors that generate heat from sunlight instead of electricity. They can also be installed in combination with photovoltaic modules. Wenger has also developed roof windows specifically for the Megaslate system.

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