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Special foil for modules

The impossible made possible: white modules

photo: Heiko Schwarzburger

Actually, it is physically impossible to produce white solar modules that still produce electricity. Because if a module appears white, then only if it reflects the entire sunlight spectrum. Then there is nothing left for electricity production.

However, researchers at the Centre Suisse d’Electronique et de Microtechnique in Neuchâtel have found the solution. They have developed a light filter that reflects only the visible part of the light spectrum and is transparent to the invisible parts. The latter are still used to produce electricity, while the visible part is sent back in the previously defined wavelength. Thus the surface appears in this colour. This makes white, light grey or anthracite solar modules possible. These are the colours in which Solaxess has specialised.

The company has taken over the production and marketing of the special film. It does not produce any modules itself, but supplies the film to module manufacturers, who apply it to the panels during production. In the meantime, Solaxess has also found a way of equipping aluminium elements fitted with solar cells with the foil. A white aluminium façade element that produces electricity becomes possible.

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