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Primo/Symo Gen24 Series

Inverter with battery connection and emergency power supply

photo: Fronius

Fronius has expanded its snap inverters Primo and Symo. The new Gen24 series is now available as a hybrid inverter with additional functions. Fronius continues to expand the already extensive possibilities of its inverters to connect external devices and has also integrated energy management in the new devices.

At the instigation of the installers, the Austrians have integrated two additional contacts into each device. A socket is connected to these. With this PV Point, the homeowner has a basic emergency power supply with an power output of three kilowatts without having to disconnect the inverter from the grid. This socket can be operated with or without a battery. Fronius knows that the issue of storage is becoming increasingly important. The company is therefore demonstrating the complete hybridization of its product range. The Gen24 devices all have a battery connection as standard.

One press of a button activates

With the new hybrid inverters, Fronius is also continuing the platform strategy developed by the Austrians for their snap inverters. This simplifies production because many components in the inverters are the same. But it is also easier for the installer that all devices have the same design. The installer only has to hang the new devices on the wall, activate them by pressing a button and set them up in the Fronius Solarweb via tablet or smartphone. A display on the device is no longer necessary. A centrally integrated fan ensures improved temperature management and thus greater efficiency.

The Primo is also available in the new Gen24 hybrid version in six versions with different power outputs between three and six kilowatts. In this way, they are well suited for small systems and short strings in partially shaded fa├žades and roofs. Each inverter can manage two module strings – in addition to the battery connection. The larger Symo Gen24 is available in three classes with a power output of six, eight or ten kilowatts. Two solar strings and an additional battery can also be connected to these devices. They are suitable for unshaded in-roof systems.

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