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Colour for the façade

photo: Velka Botička

Avancis developed the scale primarily for the façade. It is less a single module than a product platform. Not only does it have a general building approval from the German Institute for Building Technology (DIBt) and a type approval according to IEC 61215:216, but it is also available in many different colours and sizes. Thus it meets the requirements that architects expect of materials for building envelopes.

In the standard version, it has a uniform opaque black colour, which is achieved by the thin semiconductor layers of copper, indium, gallium and diselenide. By using different chromatic glasses on which the semiconductor material is deposited, colours such as anthracite, green, blue, grey and bronze are also possible. These glasses are not coloured, but reflect due to their special characteristics the part of the light spectrum, which is necessary for the colour perception by the human eye. The rest is used for power generation. The special glass also prevents all glare effects.

Suitable for any façade construction

Avancis manufactures the modules in a size of 1,587 x 664 millimeters. On customer request, the length can be varied up to a square format. In addition, Avancis waives a frame and visible fixings. The manufacturer from the Saxon town of Torgau attaches a rail to the rear with which the module can be mounted in any common façade construction. This rail also provides additional stabilisation. The Module can also be combined with a variety of other façade materials.

The module can withstand a tensile load of 1,600 Pascal and a compressive load of 3,400 Pascal. The nominal power of the standard version is 140 watts. This sounds little compared to crystalline modules. However, thin-film technology manages better with indirect solar radiation, as is usual for façades, and also loses less power when temperatures rise. However, the coloured modules perform less because some of the light has to be used for colouring.

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