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Kostal Solar Elektrik

Solar App

Remote monitoring

photo: Kostal Solar Electric

With the Solar App from Kostal, the inverters from the manufacturer in Hagen, Westphalia, can easily be controlled remotely. If the free app is installed on the smartphone or tablet, the owner of a solar system can monitor his generator.

The app offers professional monitoring of the photovoltaic system. It displays relevant system data. This includes, for example, consumption and generation data for various periods such as day, week, month and year, or historical data of the photovoltaic system. The latter is helpful in order to identify long-term performance losses due to soiling or possible damage to the solar cells. This allows users to see from anywhere how much energy is being generated and consumed and compare the data.

Self-consumption calculation

The complete monitoring of the solar app also includes how much energy is stored in the battery and how its self consumption is made up of photovoltaic and battery. Even if a battery is not yet available, the virtual battery can be used to calculate an individual forecast of the possible own consumption with storage. This enables system owners to see whether it would be worth integrating a storage system. With an additional function, the system operator can also display for how many kilometers the solar power from the generator is sufficient for driving the electric vehicle or how much water he could have heated with a heat pump.

To set up and use the app, you need access to the Kostal solar portal and an inverter configured there. The same access data as in the Solar portal is used for login. Kostal’s Solar App is available for the Android and iOS operating systems.

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