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Kostal Solar Elektrik

Piko MP plus

Small inverter for all situations

photo: Kostal Solar Electric

The small flexible inverter from Kostal is perfectly suited for small solar systems on the roof and for façades. Because of the low power class, which starts from 1.5 kilowatts and only reaches 4.7 kilowatts, the planner can better consider shading on the façade and thus increase the solar yield without additional power electronics such as optimizers.

A shadow management system is also integrated in the inverter. This ensures that the inverter learns over the first years of operation when and where shading occurs in the string and optimises its mode of operation accordingly.

The inverter is also able to accept for a short period a maximum of 43 to 48 percent more power from the solar field than the specified nominal power. This is also an advantage on the façade, as the low-lying winter sun is used for this. During a cold and sunny winter’s day, however, the power of crystalline solar modules increases in comparison to the nominal power due to the temperature coefficient. The inverter has to be able to handle this.

The inverter starts at 100 volts

The inverter has a wide input voltage range, which further simplifies the design of strings. It starts at 100 volts with the conversion from direct to alternating current. The voltage can then drop to 75 volts. Only then does the inverter shut down. A maximum voltage of 450 volts for the devices with three kilowatts of input power and 750 volts for the larger inverters is completely sufficient.

The devices with an power output of up to three kilowatts can accept one string. The three-kilowatt and 3.6-kilowatt inverters are optionally available with one or two DC inputs. For the largest device with an input power of 4.7 kilowatts, two string connections are mandatory. The two strings are controlled and optimised separately.

Due to their good features, the units can either be integrated into a new system as photovoltaic inverters or be connected purely on the AC side. In the second case, they can also integrate a storage system into an existing installation. The extension with the Kostal Smart Energy Meter enables use as an energy storage device without an additional inverter.

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