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Airtec Glassic PV

Mounting system for ventilated solar façades

photo: Lithodecor

The Airtec Glassic PV mounting system is based on the Airtec Glassic, a mounting system for the installation of ventilated glass façades. With the PV expansion, Lithodecor is responding to architects‘ demand for mounting systems for solar façades.

The system consists of an aluminium bracket screwed directly onto the warm façade and a thermo stop, a barrier that prevents thermal bridges between the façade and the mounting system. The installer uses the wall angles to install the façade insulation. This can be attached to the insulation brackets of the mounting system. The installer screws the supporting profiles vertically to the part of the aluminium angle that sticks out of the insulation and is provided with drilled holes. Lithodecor has made sure that thermal expansion of the entire installation and solar system can be compensated via oblong holes.

On the vertical mounting profiles, the installer attaches a traverse – an A-profile made of aluminium – and a retaining clip to fix the solar modules. Glass system profiles put a stop to wind pressure. Because these clamp the module securely into the retaining clips.

The Airtec Glassic System from Lithodecor can be used both for normal single glass and laminated safety glass in façades and – in the PV version – for photovoltaic façades. For the latter, the installer attaches a cable basket before installing the traverses. The string cabling for the modules is laid in this cable basket.

The advantage of this construction is that the sub-structure is flexible. So, modules with different sizes can be installed side by side without any problems.

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