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Bejing Hanergy PV Investment


Solar roof tiles with beautiful curves

photo: Bejing Hanergy PV Investment

The Hatile solar roof tile from the Chinese manufacturer Bejing Hanergy PV Investment consists of a semi-circular or corrugated glass element in which a thin semiconductor layer of CIGS material is integrated. Since the semiconductor is flexible, it adjusts perfectly to the shape of the roof tile.

The roof tile is available in two versions. The Hatile Meisu consists of a corrugated glass element with a width of 709 mm and a height of 500 mm. It is 41 millimetres thick and can be combined with conventional roof tiles of the same shape and height in places that are shaded. It completely replaces the roofing in the areas exposed to the sun. With a weight of ten kilograms, it is easy to handle for the installer on the roof. It achieves an power output of 30 watts.

The Hantile Gaosu is smaller and consists only of a glass element in the form of a hollow tile. It measures between 263 and 293 millimetres in width and is 715 millimetres high. Its weight is 5.8 kilograms. With the CIGS semiconductor material, it has an power output of 13.4 watts. Both versions are available in black and grey.

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