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DAS Energy

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Flexible and lightweight module fir roof and fa├žade

photo: DAS Energy

DAS Energy based in Wiener Neustadt has designed its modules for roofs with low load reserves and for integration into the building skin. Because they meet two requirements at once: They are lightweight and flexible to a certain extent. This is because the solar cells are not laminated behind a solid and heavy glass, but between a specially patented barrier film made of glass-fibre reinforced plastic on the front and a durable polyethylene (PET) on the back.

In this way, the Austrian manufacturer manages to reduce the weight of a module with 60 cells from the usual 17 to 19 kilograms to 5.7 kilograms. The module with polycrystalline cells and an electrical power output of 255 watts is well worth seeing. Even the version with 60 monocrystalline cells with 280 watts of power does not lag far behind the competition of the standard modules.

DAS Energy also offers the modules with 72 cells and a power of 305 (polycrystalline) or 335 (monocrystalline) watts. Of course, the weight increases with size, but at 6.7 kilograms it is still far below that of a standard module. It is also possible to have a small module with 24 cells and a weight of 2.5 kilograms. Here, the cells are arranged in two rows of 12 next to each other, so that a slim solar track with a width of 354 millimeters and a length of about two meters is created. With polycrystalline cells, the solar track has a power output of 102 watts. With monocrystalline cells it increases to 112.5 watts. DAS Energy also offers its customers project-specific sizes and colors of the modules. Even the shape can be adapted to the specific project within certain limits.

The modules can be mounted in a variety of ways. They can be glued directly to the building envelope. The installer can also screw or rivet them. DAS Energy can also attach special magnetic holders or eyelets to the modules in order to integrate them into lightweight constructions.

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