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Aleo Solar


The glass-glass module for overhead glazing

photo: Aleo Solar

With its Elegant module, Aleo Solar sets its focus on integration into solar carports and roofs. The aesthetic and stable double glass module has been approved for overhead glazing by the German Institute for Building Technology (DiBT). The monocrystalline solar cells are embedded between two safety glasses, each four millimetres thick. Transparent foils ensure that the light passes between the cells and thus ensure that the module can be used both for electricity production and for shading.

Above all, the solution for the electrical connection is unique. Aleo Solar has not glued the junction box to the rear, but attached it on the side of the module. Thus it completely hides together with the cables in the rafters of the roof or caport construction.

For simpler planning, the manufacturer from Prenzlau in Brandenburg offers its Elegante with standard dimensions. The module is 1,600 millimetres long and 950 millimetres wide. The thickness of the glass-glass laminate is 9 millimetres. Added to this is 3.5 millimeters for the junction box.

To achieve these dimensions, only 40 of the monocrystalline solar cells are laminated into one module. Despite the small number of cells – 60 cells are standard – and the greater distance between the cells, the module achieves 190 watts. It is designed for maximum pressure loads of 7,500 Pascal and maximum suction loads of 5,400 Pascal. The system voltage never exceeds 1,000 volts. However, higher voltages are unusual in building integration anyway.

Aleo Solar offers a 15 year product guarantee and a 30 year performance guarantee for its Elegante. The latter occurs if the module loses more than 13.2 percent of its power output within these 30 years. After installation, the module may lose two percent of its nominal power, but in the first two years it must be 98 percent. Thereafter, it must not lose more than 0.4 percent of its power per year.

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