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Pro Hybrid 10-Series

Powerful storage package

photo: Fenecon/BYD

The storage manufacturer Fenecon, based in Deggendorf, Lower Bavaria, focused on high power output in the development of its Pro Hybrid 10 storage system. Especially when EVs are added to the power supply of buildings, storage systems that can feed their electricity with high power into the building grid have a clear advantage.

The Pro Hybrid 10 series is a package consisting of a high-voltage battery from BYD and an emergency-capable hybrid inverter from Kaco New Energy, the Blueplanet Hybrid 10.0 TL3. Fenecon has assembled the individual components into a complete system that is managed and controlled by the FEMS energy management system from Fenecon.

The storage system has a charging and discharging power of 9.9 kilowatts. In the basic configuration, the storage system has a capacity of 6.4 kilowatt hours. Five lithium iron phosphate battery modules from BYD are connected in series for this purpose. In the Pro Hybrid 10 system, this can be extended by three additional battery modules, each with 1.3 kilowatt hours, so that the storage volume can be expanded modularly to 10.2 kilowatt hours.

The storage system is integrated directly on the DC-side of new solar systems with an output of between four and a maximum of twelve kilowatts. However, it can also be integrated into existing solar systems on the AC-side via the hybrid inverter. It has emergency power capability and can operate the domestic grid as a separate island in the event of a power blackout. The Battery Box from BYD communicates via a CAN bus or an RS485 interface. The inverter and the energy management system communicate via an RS485 interface and have an Ethernet connection.

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