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Viridian Solar

Viridian Solar

In-roof system for all claddings

photo: Viridian Solar

The Clearline Fusion in-roof system from the British manufacturer Viridian Solar, based in Camebridge, consists basically of seven components: a left, a middle and a right sealing sheet. In addition, there are sealing sheets for the upper and lower connections and, of course, the modules. The customer can choose between monocrystalline silicon modules with a black backsheet and an power output between 280 and 300 watts and polycrystalline modules with a black or white backsheets and an power output of 270 watts.

The construction is very simple. First, the modules are fixed directly to the batten with retaining clips. Then the installer pushes the lower and left sealing sheet onto the modules. The sealing sheets snap into a rubber seal on the module. They are secured against slipping with additional clamps. This is how the installer proceeds until he has set up the entire module field. In this way, a dense, water-bearing roof skin made of solar modules is created.

The modules can be installed either in portrait or landscape orientation. It is also possible to install different numbers of modules on top of each other in order to make optimum use of the space on the roof. The system is designed for wind loads of up to 5,300 Pascal.

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