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Axistorage Li 7S

Scalable lithium storage

photo: Axitec

The Axitec Li 7S is a scalable lithium ion storage device with a usable capacity of 5.4 kilowatt hours. The nominal capacity amounts to 6.8 kilowatt hours. The floor-mounted device requires a basic area of 638 x 487 millimetres. It is 421 millimetres high. However, it can be flexibly expanded if an additional master unit is integrated. These then run the individual basic units.

In this way, the installer can stack up to three units on top of each other and interconnect them. If he builds 16 of these towers next to each other, he can expand the usable capacity to up to 259.2 kilowatt hours. In island operation – without grid connection – the storage can even be expanded to up to 777.6 kilowatt hours. With one master unit, a maximum of twelve individual basic units can be interconnected.

Battery management integrated

The storage unit can permanently supply the stored electricity with an power output of up to 8.3 kilowatts. It can also double the power output in the short term. But this should only be done to absorb current peaks of less than one second. The system is charged with a permanent power of up to five kilowatts. An integrated battery management system ensures the right charging and discharging performance at the right time.

Axitec indicates the efficiency of the lithium-ion cells inside the memory at 97 percent at an operating temperature of 77 Fahrenheit. An active cooling ventilator ensures that this temperature is not exceeded as far as possible. The Axitec Li 7S is compatible with the Sunny Island 4.4, 6.0 and 8.0 inverters, but is also compatible with the inverters of the Italian manufacturer Delios and the Dutch supplier Victron Energy. The device can communicate via an integrated CAN or CANopen interface or via Modbus. It also has RS232 and RS485 interfaces.

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